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About Us

Hearth is dedicated to the elimination of homelessness among the elderly through housing, outreach, and advocacy.


Hearth was founded as The Committee to End Elder Homelessness, Inc. (CEEH) in 1991 by a group of seven professional women with diverse experience in housing, finance, health, and human services. They realized that elders were a growing percentage of the homeless population and that no one was expressly addressing the issue. Now in its twentieth year, Hearth is an expert on the challenges and solutions of ending elder homelessness.

The Hearth Housing Model

The essence of the Hearth Model is the integration of interdisciplinary services at each residence:
  • Housing
  • Mental Health Care
  • Health Services
  • Social Services
Services are combined into individualized plans to fit the needs of each resident, allowing even very frail elders to live with considerable independence in their own apartments.

The Hearth Team

All staff work together to provide the best care for each elderly resident.
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Site Directors
  • Property Management
  • Resident Assistants
  • Personal Care Homemakers
  • Activities Staff
At the center of Hearth's mission is the desire to see both the elders we serve and our staff achieve their highest degrees of potential.
  • The Hearth Team is made up of many people. The new "I Am Hearth" feature highlights Hearth's diversity through profiles of different members of the Hearth community.
  • The Community Advisory Council provides a forum for Hearth residents and clients to voice their opinions and shape Hearth's policies.

Interdisciplinary Service

Members of the Hearth Team work together to create a comprehensive care plan for each resident.
  • Starts with pre-admission screening
  • Annual comprehensive bio-psychosocial resident assessment
  • Individual service plans
  • Case conferences and consultations
  • Service provision across the continuum
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