Hearth's Outreach Program seeks to reach individuals aged 50 or older who are currently living on Boston's streets, in homeless shelters or who are at risk of homelessness.

Case Management for Currently Homeless Individuals

Before, during, and after placement, Hearth Outreach Case Managers help to ensure that their elderly clients are able to maintain long-term housing by:

  • providing direct assistance to identify and obtain safe, affordable housing;

  • facilitating access to

    • physical health,

    • mental health,

    • financial,

    • legal,

    • and other critical social services;

  • stabilizing them within their homes;

  • and helping them build social and community networks.

Prevention for Those At-Risk of Homelessness

Clients who are eligible for Hearth Prevention Services are individuals over the age of 50, in the Greater Boston area, and are facing homelessness. These individuals do not meet the current definition of homelessness and will likely be in one or more of the following situations:

  • "Doubled-up" in housing that cannot accommodate them

  • Leaving institutions with no housing in place

  • Tenants facing eviction

  • Individuals facing foreclosure

  • Low income individuals in financial crisis