Annual reports, research papers, and other publications concerning homeless elders, their health, and public policy implications.

2018 Hearth Annual Report

Hearth is proud to share it’s FY2018 report with our supporters and friends. Highlights include Outreach and Housing Program data along with our financials for 2017 and 2018.

2015 Hearth Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Report contains the review of FY2014 and celebrates the people who make up Hearth - our residents, clients, staff, volunteers, and supporters.

2014 Hearth Annual Report

Our 2014 Annual Report contains the review of FY2013 and our achievements in 2014. It highlights our efforts to strengthen our sustainability, the creation of the Massachusetts Blueprint for Ending Homelessness among Older Adults, the new Hearth Shares program, and much more.

2013 Hearth Annual Report
The 2013 Annual Report contains the review of FY2012 and focuses on all the programs and people who make up the Hearth Community, such as our Representative Payee Program, our Homelessness Prevention Program, and our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

2012 Hearth Annual Report
The 2012 Annual Report contains the review of FY2011 and our achievements in 2012, most notably the opening of Hearth at Olmsted Green. It introduces you to a few of the new residents - who were also former Outreach clients, as well as highlighting the many interns and students we 

2011 Hearth Annual Report
The 2011 Annual Report contains the review of FY2010 and celebrates our 20th anniversary. It includes photos from all of our anniversary events and also focuses on the creation of our National Leadership Initiative to End Elder Homelessness and the construction of Hearth at Olmsted Green.

Ending Homelessness among Older Adults and Elders through Permanent Supportive Housing

This paper was created for the National Leadership Initiative to End Elder Homelessness.  It was largely informed by a national convening held in Alexandria, VA in the fall of 2011.

2010 Hearth Annual Report
The 2010 Annual Report contains the review of FY2009 and our achievements in 2010, including the expansion of the Outreach Program and the success of our Rising Tide panel. In addition it also puts a spotlight on the elderly women who live at our Bishop Street House and the Hearth staff who help them stay healthy and independent.

Ending Elder Homelessness: the effectiveness of service-enriched housing
The goal of this report is to not only shine light on the complexities and challenges of elder homelessness, but to offer a conceptual framework for ending elder homelessness in our state. This report, as well as the research informing this brief, was supported by a generous grant from the Boston 

2009 Hearth Annual Report
The 2009 Annual Report contains the review of FY2008 along with our highlights and achievements of 2009. Features include "Estelle's Story," about the life of one of our residents; research updates; and progress made on our three strategic initiatives.

2008 Hearth Annual Report
The 2008 Annual Report contains the review of FY2007 and Hearth's 2008 progress in our mission to end elder homelessness. Articles report on the awards won by two of Hearth's nurses, founder Anna Bissonnette and COO May Shields; an update on Hearth at Olmsted Green; snippets from some of the many articles about Hearth featured in the media; and more.

2007 Hearth Annual Report
Hearth is the review of Fiscal Year 2006 along with Hearth's 2007 continuing efforts to end elder homelessness.  Content includes Hearth's Strategic Initiatives, introduces the new Board of Visitors, and tells the story of one of Hearth's many Outreach clients.

2006 Hearth Annual Report
Home for Good is the review of Fiscal Year 2005 along with Hearth's 2006 continuing efforts to end elder homelessness.  Content includes stories of Hearth residents, a look at our Outreach Department, volunteer highlights and much more.

2005 Hearth Annual Report
Changing, Learning, Growing is the review of Fiscal Year 2004 along with Hearth's 2005 continuing efforts to end elder homelessness. Content includes an explanation of our name change, highlights of the Extreme Makeover at Bishop Street, our internship program, an update on our Olmsted Green Project, and more.

The Causes of Homelessness in Later Life: Findings From a 3–Nation Study,
The Journal of Gerontology Social Sciences—May 2005
This article represents a joint research study with University of Sheffield, United Kingdom; Elders Living at Home Program, Boston, MA; Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA; The Committee to End Elder Homelessness, Boston, MA; and Wintringham, Flemington, Victoria, Australia.

2002 Hearth Annual Report
Review of Fiscal Year 2002. Hearth’s award winning efforts to end elder homelessness remain paramount and our mission even more vital based on newly released statistics detailing alarming facts. We are grateful to all of you who have stood by us by offering your financial support, talent, and friendship.

2001/2002 Hearth Annual Report
Highlights from Hearth's continuing journey to provide permanent supportive housing to homeless elders, financial statements, and generous contributors. Covers the period January 2001 through July 31, 2002.

Keeping Elders Home: New Lessons Learned About Supporting Frail Elders in Our Communities.
Issue Brief No. 17, The Massachusetts Health Policy Forum
This Issue Brief was prepared by Elisabeth D. Babcock, MCRP, Ph.D., former President and CEO of Hearth and Hope Watt, MSW, Ph.D., former Director of Behavioral Health and Research. Their research was supported through a grant from the Farnsworth Foundation, and its publication supported through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.