Honoring Our Volunteers

At this year’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception, Hearth will recognize People Making a Difference (PMD) for their commitment to Hearth’s residents. PMD promotes informed and responsible volunteerism by involving people in meaningful, one-time, hands-on work that meets the needs of local charities, and by assisting companies and charities in building successful community involvement programs.

ABH resident Alex with PMD Founder and Executive Director Lori Tsuruda

ABH resident Alex with PMD Founder and Executive Director Lori Tsuruda

PMD first began volunteering with Hearth in 1997, when the Anna Bissonnette House opened in the South End, and continues to volunteer at the Anna Bissonnette House several times a year.
“PMD is part of the Hearth family,” says Sarah Olander, Program Manager. “Life at the Anna Bissonnette House would not be the same without Lori and the groups of volunteers who visit and cook amazing meals for the residents.”

While PMD has assisted with many different kinds of projects over the years at various Hearth sites – including installing a brick patio at the Elsie Frank House – it’s food that they are famous for. And these delicious meals come at no cost to Hearth. PMD asks volunteers to donate and also solicits sponsors to underwrite the meals.

“I really appreciate the work that PMD does,” says Jennifer Hartwell, Associate Director of Volunteers and Communication. “When PMD is in charge of a volunteer project, I know it’s going to be done well. They work hard to make it a great experience for the volunteers and our residents.”

The 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Reception & Resident/Client Art Show will take place on Wednesday, June 10 at 5:30pm. For more information, click here.